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Our Team

Dr.Anushia Vijayadass - Banksia Grove Family Practice

Dr.Achanthodi Vasudev - Lakes Medical

Dr.Aleh Bekar - Beeliar Family Practice

Dr.Ana Rodrigues Da Silva Barros - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Belinda Coetsee - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Bruce Ella - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Dinesh Bhaskaran - Southern River Family Practice

Dr.Emma Knight - Lakes Medical

Dr.Fay Meakin - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Gary Mullaley - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.George Howell - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Gosagan Gopalakrishnan - Lakes Medical

Dr.Jagadish Krishnan - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Jal Khasanov - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Janaki Balasubramaniam - Lakes Medical

Dr.Joanna Ferris - Lakes Medical

Dr.Kanchuka Withanage - Beeliar Family Practice

Dr.Komal Thakkar - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Lucinda Townsley - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Mahliyo Khasanova - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Maya Peaty - Banksia Grove Family Practice

Dr.Md Rashedul Hasan - High Wycombe General Practice

Dr.Michael Nimmo - Lakes Medical

Dr.Mohd Jeffri Abdullah - Stratton General Practice

Dr.Muddukiran Jagadish - Lakes Medical

Dr.Nadira Parveen - High Wycombe General Practice

Dr.Nimna Abeydeera - Lakes Medical

Dr.Nitisha Nababsing - Beeliar Family Practice

Dr.Praveen Kallimath - High Wycombe General Practice

Dr.Sanjeevi Kanan Jagadeesan - Southern River Family Practice

Dr.Sarah Abdul Aziz - Southern River Family Practice

Dr.Sehr Shah - Stratton General Practice

Dr.Shahitha Ameer - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Shazia Qureshi - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Shiree Treleaven - Lakes Medical

Dr.Shivanti Abeysuriya - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Siti Noerraya Dina Irwan Affandi - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Sree Krishna Chowdavarapu - Lakes Medical

Dr.Suliman Moolla - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Susannah Rawlinson - Lakes Medical

Dr.Swee Han Khoo - Amherst Road Medical Centre

Dr.Tabish Naeem - Stratton General Practice

Dr.Tarun Yamdagni - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Thomas Matthews - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Udayana Bandu Gamage - Banksia Grove Family Practice

Dr.Vipan Gupta - Banksia Grove Family Practice

Dr.Vishnu Gopalan - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Viswanadh Nookala - Lakes Medical

Dr.Yaamini Jagadish - Willagee Medical Centre

Dr.Zaw Htet - The Heights Medical Centre

Dr.Zohreh Hosseini - High Wycombe General Practice